Informed Beginnings

Informed Beginnings’ mission is to educate and empower mothers and partners by providing current, evidence-based information for the childbearing year. We teach positive, compassionate classes that strengthen confidence in the process of birth, while respecting the diverse needs and birth plans of our students.

Our classes cover the processes of pregnancy, labor, birth (normal birth, variations and complications- so that you will be ready for whatever course your labor may take), breastfeeding, and the postpartum period; good health in pregnancy; options in childbirth; the role and needs of the birth partner; newborn care; informed decision-making; and resources and support.

We are committed to the normal process of labor but recognize that not every labor is in the presence of normality. A successful birth is one in which the couple makes good, informed decisions based on the labor they are given. To that end we provide comprehensive information about pregnancy, labor/delivery, postpartum and other aspects of the childbearing year on a risk/benefit basis.

If you would like more information about Informed Beginnings, visit our official website!

InfoBe is a shared services coop of childbirth educators established in 2011 to share natural childbirth information with as many families as possible. Our goal is to convey a message of healthy pregnancy and birth, informed and careful use of necessary medical assistance, and support of a loving, prepared partner to all parents.

We believe that the birth experience can affect the long-term health of families and that the experience can be greatly impacted by gentleness, empowerment, and knowledge
For the majority of healthy pregnancies, natural, undisturbed birth is not only possible, but the safest option. Obviously the safety of mother and baby comes first and, on occasion, technology is needed to ensure that end. We are grateful for current technology that can save lives. However, evidence-based research and observations by many prenatal care providers have shown that the same technology that can save one mother’s life holds the potential to do great harm when used unnecessarily and routinely upon all mothers.

A gentle, calm birth experience is likely to benefit the mental and emotional health of the new family. Most of the time, a natural birth provides the best means to obtain a gentle and calm birth. However, even if complications arise, a sense of involvement in the decision-making process and guiding what is within her control greatly contributes to the mother’s satisfaction with the birth, which in turn contributes to her mental and emotional health postpartum.


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